Saturday, July 08, 2006


I got a shock in the supermarket checkout line yesterday. I had just put my basket down on the counter when a woman waved a packet of ham in my face, 'Do you mind if I go first? I've only got this'.

Is that acceptable? I only had half a basket of goods, not a trolley full. And she didn't even attempt to justify herself by saying that she was in a hurry. I let her go in front, of course, but I wasn't very impressed.

I've also been annoyed (more than usual) this week by slogan t-shirts. I seriously think they should be banned. The one that really got my goat was 'For every animal you don't eat I'm going to eat three'.

When the t-shirt asks a question, am I within my rights to tell them my unfavourable answer? I certainly wanted to when I saw someone wearing 'Do you want to see my favourite yoga position?'. No!!

It doesn't help that there are several slogan t-shirt stalls on the street outside our flat. I don't know how anyone could be so vulgar as to wear most of these.


Knuffy's Owner said...

Next time that happens just wave your basket in their face and say "Well I've only got this!" I did that here in Germany once cos I was so sick of people saying to me "Can I go ahead, I've only got one thing", so finally I said "Well I've only got 4 things!" and strangely enough, ever since then, nobody has bothered me again.

joe said...

Is it a cultural thing then? It's never happened to me before!

Cora. said...

It's disrespectful in my opinion, it shows inpaitence and the willingness to breach on someone else's shopping experiance, take the place in que you were given.

...I loathe those stupid piece of fabric, displaying the users ignorance with each witless and over used "catch phrase" - a pointless trend.

Joe said...

hehe... that's what I'll say next time 'excuse me, you are breaching my shopping experience'. I love it!