Monday, July 24, 2006

Little Fish

I am often embarrasing in the cinema. But I was at my worst when watching Little Fish yesterday.

I didn't know that it was set in Cabramatta, Sydney's Little Vietnam. I used to love visiting Cabramatta and couldn't help commenting any time I recognised something:

'I've been in that restaurant!'
'I use to love that shopping arcade!'
'That's the cinema where I used to go for Hindi films!'

Worse than that, I laughed more than anyone in the cinema. I was surprised to see Noni, 'Oh my god, it's Noni!' (my favourite Play School presenter) and laughed whenever she swore. I laughed at expressions and combinations of swear words that I hadn't heard in ages.

And I laughed loudest (and alone) when one of the characters announced that he had got a flashy new job in the city and Cate Blanchett said:

'I guess this means you'll be moving somewhere like Strathfield'.

Although parts of the film are supposed to be humorous, it is actually a very moving drama with an incredibly gripping suspense element. I loved it and am thinking of going a second time. Hooray for the funky local cinema!


miriam said...

well, count yourself lucky that you have a sydneysiders knowledge and experience.... try this -

Joe said...

I love it! Did you find that while reseraching for your charity hike?

miriam said...

i got it in an email - i knew you would love it!! i wanted to add in a suggestion to try climbing beacon hill and red hill but thought it was too cruel!