Sunday, August 06, 2006


I spoke to my goddaughter on the phone this week. She can say a lot more than she could when I left Hong Kong a year ago.

It took her a while to get speaking because of all the languages she was exposed to. Now she speaks English at home and Cantonese at school. And if she speaks English with school friends she uses a Honky accent which she doesn't use at home. Her dad finds this strange but I reminded him that he does the same thing!

Her parents still speak to her in Bengali and Tagalog which she understands but doesn't speak much. I guess that in time she will also learn some Mandarin at school and Hindi at home. I'm so proud!


Bill Lake said...

Hi Joe,
Still following your travels.
I finally got a copy of that film, ULTRA VIOLET. It was the most disjointed flick I have ever seen and am ashamed to be a part of it.
Life goes on and work is going well. The troubles in the Middle East have not affected us yet but I think it will, if it goes on much longer.

joe said...

Hey Bill! I was wondering if you had got to see the film - it sounds like making it was a lot more fun than watching it!

Bill Lake said...

Yes Joe,
It certainly was more fun making it than watching it. I even got a compliment on my acting from the director, although at the time I did not know who he was, as up to that point, we had only dealt with the assistant director. I did not even get chance to meet Mila Jovovich, but then who am I to expect so much.
Hope all is going well for you back there. Keep me up to date with your travels. I may have to go back to Israel in the next 2-3 month. Fingers crossed they fix the problem with Hezbollah/Lebanon.
Regards as always me old mate.