Saturday, August 26, 2006

Monica, oh my darling!

My second job starts again on September 16th. Until then, I'm only working one day a week. My job at the farm is two days but I have enough annual leave to take one day off per week until I finish there in November!

This means that I'm moving through my final uni subject pretty quickly. I should finish within a couple of weeks and then I'm going to start applying for more jobs. Not sure how much I'm looking forward to that.

I'm trying to spend all of my free time on study but I'm very good at getting distracted... old Hindi film songs...

chopping vegetables...

shopping trips to Chinatown... all of these are slowing down progress. When I sat down to eat this meal I realised that I'd recreated my favourite Harbour City foodcourt main course and dessert combination. Yum!


Bill Lake said...

Hi Joe,
Glad to see your still alive and kicking and getting about again I see. HK's having some really unsettled weather with really hot spells and Monsoon type rains caused by the typhoons. Glad to see Panda kept in touch. Say hi to her for me.
Work is still going ok. I see Siew Mei every couple of weeks at church so I shall update her next time I see her.

joe said...

Oh for a hot spell... summer is dying fast here! Say hi to SM from me. Let her know that I am having fond thoughts of my days in CA - everywhere I have worked since seems so disorganised and messy in comparison!