Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Hand luggage

A woman was escorted off a Cathay HK-Tokyo flight on Monday after refusing to stow away her Gucci handbag. She protested that the overhead compartment was too high and the floor was too dirty. An hour after the plane was supposed to depart, she was escorted off by police as other passengers applauded.

I always board flights with a small, non-luxury brand backpack. I have noticed, however, that each time I fly, the size of my fellow passengers' hand luggage increases. The overhead compartments are always full and the aisles clog up when the plane lands. I know that people take large hand luggage to avoid checking baggage in but I always see people waiting at the baggage carousel to reunite their pull-along carry-on suitcase with a larger check-in sibling.

Speaking of things which annoy me, I can't believe that John Howard is running for a fifth term as Prime Minister! I'm too much out of Australian politics to know if there's a chance of him losing. I doubt it.


Iqbal Khaldun said...

Alas little Johnnie is still the favourite, although who knows in politics eh?

Haha I have a funny story to tell you about carry on baggage and flights involving Hong Kong. Remind me to tell it when we meet in person. Not too long now!

Joe said...

WIth your Sydney-Singapore-Karachi-Muscat-London ticket you should accumulate some more stories on the way here! Looking forward to hearing all of them :)