Friday, September 15, 2006

Last night

I'm not a great appreciator of modern art. On hearing 'installation' I usually roll my eyes. Mention 'stream of consciousness' and I'll start feeling queasy. Take me to the Tate Modern and I will giggle a lot and mutter 'emperor's new clothes' more times than you can count.

Still I'm glad to have a couple of arty friends. Otherwise I'd miss out on a lot of experiences.

Without arty friends I wouldn't have been shut in this tiny room with a cup of Japanese tea and asked to imagine that I was having a drug hallucination in the 70s.

I wouldn't have been shut in this room and asked to ponder the love/hate relationship that punks have with buttons.

I wouldn't have fulfilled my dream of going on a Japanese-style 'follow the umbrella' tour.

I wouldn't have been taken through an old graveyard at night by the lead member of 'The Frank Chickens', famous for their 1984 hit 'We Are Ninja (Not Geisha)'.

I wouldn't have got to watch this girl hang from a rope while listening to her narrate a story about a run away flour mill that joined the circus and then fell in love with the moon.

And most of all, I wouldn't have had the incredible pleasure of hearing someone tell her that they loved it when she 'created obstacles' for her performance by repeatedly forgetting her lines and asking for prompts from a friend in the audience.


Bill Lake said...

Hi Joe,
Beleive it or not, the tiles in your top picture are exactly the same as the ones I had to paint out when I initially set up the Chung King Centre (fore runner of CKMSC).
Keep blogging,

Joe said...

Amazing! If you could have removed the tiles I'm sure you could have sold them on Ebay, shipped them to the UK and made a fortune! It was only wallpaper in the photo... tiles would have been much more impressive!

Anonymous said...

Dear Joe,
Your pictures are fancy ! Haaa, you look fatter than before. woowow . keep taking more photo! I love seeing your lovely face.

Joe said...

Thank you Panda! I am getting much fatter in the UK. Too many potatoes and no more climbing 16 floors of stairs!