Monday, September 11, 2006

Walking to work

Today was 29 degrees, the hottest day since July.

I'm developing a typically English fixation with the weather. It makes sense when the stakes are so high. Right now, I worry that each good day could be the last before 8 months of cold and darkness set in.

The threat of oncoming cold is making me determined to enjoy this last bit of summer. I've figured out that I can walk the diagonal length of Hyde Park to get to my job on Portobello Road. It's beautiful and avoiding the stinky tube is a major bonus. London's public transport may be gross but the parks are fantastic.


jase said...

Had some tall bloke smelling of mildew clothes breathing all over me this morning...and then this woman refused to answer her phone, so let it ring off at full blast (must have been some stalker of hers). She was told to answer it or turn her phone off - you go girls!

Strangely I am used to these little things now...

Tee shirt weather in mid September...lets give it 2 weeks.

cal said...

See, we're turning you. You'll be a true Brit before you know it.

Joe said...

Yay for vigilante public transport etiquette policing! When someone starts tucking in to a KFC meal on the seat next to me I always want to tell them that their food stinks - but then I wimp out and just change seat instead. I start boiling when they get off, leaving all the packaging behind.

Yet I say nothing. Maybe I am quite British?

Iqbal Khaldun said...

Be afraid, be very afraid (voice in my head).