Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Thank you India

Steve Irwin's death has had an incredible amount of coverage in the UK. I guess that it makes good news. I was starting to wonder whether the coverage here exceeded that in Australia. That was until Jason emailed this list of most popular articles from the Sydney Morning Herald online. Click for a larger view.

Like the crocodile hunter, my conservationist credentials have also received a recent sudden boost. A follow up appointment at the hospital for tropical health today revealed an exciting array of positive results.

'You are cultivating quite a menagerie of parasites', my doctor told me. They are all allowed to stay for the moment except for one variety of worm so large that the doctor had to hold up two hands to demonstrate its length. I start medication tonight.

Ooh the suspense! Can I keep myself from posting a photo? How many will there be?


cal said...

Oh my. Presumably that explains the whole eating/illness thing that's been going on. Maybe I'll be more careful about Indian street food in future!

Do post a picture - I'm intrigued. Though slightly repulsed!

miriam said...

OH MY GOSH!! yes, i think we need to see... gulp down the pills. at least they are not going to hook the worms out through your belly button.

Joe said...

Yes, it's exciting. I'm in touch with the producers of 'Tremors 5'. Kevin Bacon has agreed to return to the series if my worms are over 30cm long.

Actually, the doctor thinks the worms weren't causing much harm. I tested positive for coeliac disease also so they will put a tube down my throat and snip out some bits of intestine to make sure... can't wait!

jase said...

Better make sure you make it to Brazilian BBQ this Friday to keep those worms well fed! Or more trips to sichuan place to kill them off with chilli!

I remember eating these pastel coloured tablet things as a child to fight off worms...and all the scary stories of worms tunneling into your bare feet if I wandered around the streets barefoot.

Thanks mum.

Hope the pills sort you out soon mate! Nasty business.

Joe said...

Brazilian was great! I just wish that the guava mousse had been 'all you can eat' like the meat and everything else!