Thursday, October 12, 2006


Last Sunday I accompanied visitors to a nearby church, a denomination I don't often attend. Unlike many services I've been to in London, it was a very mixed congregation, particularly in terms of age.

Most people seemed quite well to do but there was a one very obviously homeless man sitting a few rows in front of me who mumbled throughout the service.

As time went on his mumbling grew louder. During a very generic, unenthusiastic prayer, 'Lord we pray for all priests everywhere blah blah blah' the homeless man spoke quite loudly 'I don't believe a word you're saying!'. A couple of people looked up but the prayer rolled on.

Following the prayer there was a hymn. Despite the beauty of the song and the large congregation, the singing was a mere whisper. Part way through the second verse the homeless man shouted 'louder!'. His aggressive tone made everyone jump.

There was a nervous fumbling with hymn books and people actually did begin to sing up. I loved it!


jase said...

Got a chuckle from me! Is he an angel?

Joe said...

I know! Crazy people can be so truthful.