Monday, August 27, 2007

Back on the bike

The sun has finally come out, two weeks after I arrived back in London. The plants are recovering and I'm on my bike again. Suddenly I remember all the things I like about living here.

And I have a new accessory. It was a 5 pound special from Columbia Road and this seemed like the best way to get it home. I got even more attention than I did in the nappy.

This time I had entire families laughing and construction workers calling out from the side of the road. How will I top this?


j a s o n said...

Joe, I had my first Mango Lassis the other day!!! ALl cos I heard about it here!

Was really nice, though the Indian guy I work with was telling me how it was all different from North to South India. Fascinating.

Nice look!

You are looking skinny mate - eating enough lemon muffins?

Joe said...

I know! I had a routine coeliac check up appointment this week and the doctor freaked out over the weight loss and made me take another round of blood tests.

I tried to explain that it was purely the result of a month of climbing mountains on a diet of rice and lentils!

j a s o n said...

are you wearing new belts? I am having the opposite problem.