Friday, August 31, 2007


My neighbours are such a miserable lot of people. There are about five people in the whole building who will even reply when I say hello.

Meanwhile, I'm the most civic minded person in this whole council block. I've taken on sole responsibility for cleaning the common areas of our floor (see photo in last post). I'm at war with rodents which I didn't attract. My balcony garden is a credit to the building. I set an example of cleanliness in the rubbish room.

So far I am even ignoring the fact that the lady upstairs has dedicated 3-4am as Lionel Richie hour. She doesn't even play 'All night long' which is my favourite Lionel song and clearly the most appropriate.

So what's suddenly got me annoyed?

Yesterday I was coming through the front security door with my bike. I let the door go too early and my pedal and wheel got sandwiched. A man from upstairs was behind me and opened the door again for me.

I was impressed because I only know three other people in the building (apart from me) who will hold the door open for anyone. I thanked him and gave my most grateful looking smile. It's not easy to get through that door with a bike.

And in return? He gave me evil and goes 'Shame you scratched the door'. Aiyaah!

One more week and I will be back in Temple Street where I know I can count on a warm reception from my old neighbours!


Vincent from London said...

Aiyaah! You should reply to him '屌你老母仆街'

Don't ask me to translate

j a s o n said...

Hey, and I am not even around to tell you constantly to leave London!!!

Thanks for taking up the anti-London campaign since I have left.

Get this our apartment block has recycling and clothes donation bins downstairs!! Eat that Ken Livingston!

I dont think HK is any warmer for people, they seem pretty unoffensive but zombied out. though...they played funny videos on TV of people screaming at each other on the buses fighting for seats. They go on forever. Its hilarious!

Cal said...

Is there a possibility he was being ironic?

And don't you dare listen to friends who tell you to leave London.

Joe said...

Vincent, I'll assume it's something to do with someone falling over on the street hehe...

Jason, HK has a very warm side that you can miss if you live in a tower block and work in Central. Just wait for my tour next weekend hehe...

Cal, I'd like to hope so but I think he was serious. Don't worry, I'm holding out against pressure from various sides. Besides, I'm too attached to my plants now :)

j a s o n said...

I'm used to living in "cold" unfriendly places.

London hardened me...

Look at you, you are getting so angry Joe! Leave before its too late, you'll be left mumbling jibberish to your plants next!

Come back to HK!