Tuesday, September 11, 2007


I'm half way through my week in Hong Kong and of course I'm loving it. Jason, Mary and I went hiking on Lantau on Saturday (hurry up and post pictures!). After Sunset Peak we toured my old village and I was shocked that my shabby old house (which I suspected may be no more) had been reborn as a high security, bright orange/yellow mansion named 'Casa Elmira'.

Plenty more has changed in Hong Kong but it is still incredibly familiar. I still run into someone I know every five minutes and I've had emotional reunions with everyone from old work colleages to my real estate agent. I love my small group of friends in London but I'll never be as connected there as I am here.

Anyway, I'll save further description for when I can post some photos. I'm off to a friends house now - he passed the net cafe, saw me inside and then insisted I come see his new baby.

Oh, and some advice. If you ever recognise someone whose blog you read, think twice before calling them by name and letting them know they are in your favourites. Be it in PP or anywhere else, you risk seriously freaking them out. Unfortunately I was the culprit not the blogger - I'd be flattered!

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Pics up Joe!