Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Sydney is beautiful. The sky and sea are blue. The air is sweet. Birds sing, squawk and swoop at my head. Being away two years has made me appreciate the place much more. I'm not sure if that's a reason to come more or less often in the future.

The weird thing about being back in Sydney is that I become a child again. I left as soon as I finished study and I'm ignorant about how to be an adult here. I still live at home and I've got no idea how much things are supposed to cost.

It's four years since I left and being back encourages reminiscing, some of it good. My parents now live in Manly, the setting of my innocent first romance. Suddenly I'm transported back to the middle of 2003.

Some memories are not so good. Being pushed around, jeered and then slapped by a group of drunken idiots (on Oxford St of all places) on Saturday night was like being sent straight back to high school.

I'm so happy to be back wth my famiy and friends and I'm loving the beauty and clean air. But I'm also feeling less Australian than ever.

Anyway, the wedding is the important thing right now and I can't wait!


Cal said...

That second paragraph has to be one of the best written things I've read in a long time.

Glad you're enjoying home - don't enjoy it too much, we want you back here! Hope the wedding goes/went well.

Joe said...

Thanks Cal. I met Miss Turkey on Monday. She (and plenty of people in HK also) say hi to you :)

pip said...

I agree with you. P2 is gold!

Hope you are having a great day today Joe. Looking forward to seeing photos/ DVD/ whatever I can get from Mim & Mark's wedding.

j a s o n said...

Enjoy your time in Sydney Joe!

I'd swap some HK smog and crowding for some Sydney fresh air and birdsong right now! (just for a couple of days though!)

Since you were here the smog has been so bad.

Sydney used to always mean home sweet home to me...and it still does, but much less so as each day goes by...

have you been out swimming, walking in the bush and lazing in the sun?

I take it by your first paragraph you are remaining overseas. I'm not ready to go home either...

look forward to seeing and hearing about the wedding!