Sunday, September 30, 2007

Back to work

The rest of my Sydney time was great and the wedding was beautiful. I've got plenty of photos that I'll post when the camera flies back into London on Tuesday afternoon.

After so much holiday it felt great to get back to work. I've picked up an extra IT class and it's going to be a busy term. First week went well and I've got some great new students.

A couple of them speak beautiful varieties of English that I am loath to desecrate. Correcting someone who says 'Sir, I must to the toilet, I am truly pressed' makes me feel positively evil.

I've also had a rush of attractive new students. My colleague was a little shocked when I told her this and asked if it's okay to fancy my own students. Of course it is! Particularly as most are older than me. There should be some perks to working in adult education!

And there are wacky ones. One girl burst into class and came out with, 'Professor, I'm sorry I will need to leave 40 minutes early each lesson because my job in the disco bar. Next two weeks I will be in Italy for visit and I will maybe return Italy permanent in December but I am very happy to joining this class'.

But the highlight of the week was getting back to the old men's class. I was relieved that everyone lasted the holiday and was back in full health. Imagine my delight when one 74 year old Afghani grandfather puts on a pair of tinted reading glasses just like the ones below.


Jean said...

Are you accepting applications for TA. My drawcard - free labor. All in the good name of furthering education :)

Joe said...

haha... you are such a giver. Come to the Thursday night class in a couple of weeks when things have settled down and Ramadan is over...