Tuesday, October 02, 2007


My camera has returned and there are plenty of holiday photos I want to post. I'm starting with the day that Jason, Mary and I headed out to Lantau Island...

My first surprise was getting to Central and finding that the Star Ferry pier was no more!

Mui Wo had changed too. My old crumbling home had been made over as 'Casa Elmira', replete with a security gate and concrete wall.

Sunset Peak, however, was still the same. Up top it was at least five degrees cooler than the rest of Hong Kong and a refreshing breeze was blowing.

I've never seen many people staying in the huts at the top. I guess that scouts or school groups must occasionally use them. It's not somewhere you would want to stay more than one night.

We hiked down towards Mui Wo and strolled along the beach before getting the ferry back into the city again. It was nice to be back.


Cal said...

Oh my goodness, what've they done with the Star Ferry pier? I loved that little bit of old ramshackleness in the midst of such gleaming modernity.


Joe said...

Crazy isn't it! Apparently there was were protests and the police had to drag people out of the old pier.