Sunday, October 14, 2007

Sydney (in pictures this time)

Semi-interesting things are actually happening in my life now so I'm hurrying up and posting the rest of my holiday pictures.

It was such lovely trip. Especially since I was staying in the new family home at the bottom of Manly Beach.

In a beautiful old house with a gorgeous balcony for drying armpits...

... and a cosy lounge room for um... relaxing with friends.

Plus, it was just minutes away from a great wedding photo location. They looked so lovely!


j a s o n said...

The blue blue blue sky!!

Trees out the balcony, lovely!

ok maybe I miss Sydney a little bit...

Joe said...

I know. It's so blue that after a while it starts to seem really bleak.

Meanwhile, trees here are starting to lose leaves :(

j a s o n said...

I love the autumn leaf shedding.

One thing I loved about UK and Europe is the distinct seasons.

Its dark by 6pm here now... :(

I guess its later than London :)

j a s o n said...

NEWSFLASH - No more smoking on German ICE Trains!

I recall a comment on it here

Hi-5 for D'Bahn!