Sunday, October 07, 2007

Wo ai ni, wo ni jiang

When one of my friends invited me to a charity concert in Sha Tin by disabled performers I wasn't sure what to expect. It turned out that I'd got a ticket to a sold-out concert by an group on a world tour.

It started with a dance by deaf performers. Not being able to hear the accompaniment, they followed a couple of conductors (and each other) and managed to dance spectacularly in perfect timing.

Unfortunately, I got in trouble after taking the above photo (without flash, I'm not that bad) and had to put my camera away. Subsequent performances were amazing. There were blind singers who did a song in Mandarin called 'I love you, my home' which is still in my head.

And the highlight was a scene from a Chinese opera. A blind orchestra played while a blind man and a deaf man enacted a dramatised fight. Incredibly, the blind man made sure they kept in time with the music while the deaf man made sure their movements were coordinated.

Hooray for such generous friends. I later found out that another friend was supposed to go and had given up his ticket for me! Poor guy had to content himself with the DVD. I felt bad but also very lucky!

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