Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Disco pain

I'm sure that London is the middle of the world. I went to an Afghani concert last Friday and Congolese the week before. And I discovered that I'm not the only white person who thinks they can do a bit of soukous dancing.

I've been taking afternoon coffee breaks at a Portugese cafe near work but I'm now thinking of sharing myself with the Palestinian Cafe across the road, owned by the son of one of my students.

And these days, London is the place to hold the world premiere if you've made a big budget Hindi film. I'm slightly devastated that I'll be at work next Thursday evening when 'Om Shanti Om' premieres. Otherwise I'd be off to Leicester Square with the camera.

I've never really been a SRK fan but I am becoming one after seeing this interview where he really sends himself up for 'exposing' in 'Dard-e-Disco' ('Disco Pain'). The full English translation starts at 1:40 but why not watch all the way through and test your Hinglish?

And for Pip (and others?), here is the exposing...


j a s o n said...

And you get to enjoy the best of footstomping Britain!


pip said...

Thanks for the preview. Send me a poster? (But I don't think anything can top the one I have with SRK wearing an open, tangerine shirt & thick gold chains hanging from his neck...)

Joe said...

Jason my doctor was asking if I have any Irish ancestry cos apparently the incidence of celiac disease is highest there. If that's where it comes from then that's as much celtic connection as I can handle!

Pip the CD came with a free poster which I will send to you. I guarantee it will beat anything you have already.

Iqbal Khaldun said...

Quite enjoyed Om Shanti Om, forgot how many random semi-naked women there are in Indian movies :-D Oh and I've realised it's a good way to improve my lingo. Plus I'll have more to talk to my relos and desi friends with. So I think I'll start watching more of them.