Sunday, October 14, 2007


Having coeliac disease in Hong Kong made life tricky. Many things used for flavouring in Chinese food (soy sauce, oyster sauce, Chinese wine, MSG etc.) contain gluten. White rice and Chinese tea anyone?

Thank goodness for the illegal Nepali restaurants of Jordan. They provided the basis of my diet, supplemented with all my old favourite snacks like water chestnuts on a stick, still only $HK3!

And this grapefruit and durian pudding. We went out for midnight dessert with Deco, Daisy and Joseph after they closed their shop. You can see Daisy still deliberating in the background.

And of couse, lai cha. When I told Daisy where I'd been for tea, her eyes opened wide and she whispered across the table 'That is the famous meeting point for .....'.

No wonder it was so atmospheric! I'll make it a regular hang out if ever I go back and send text messages to friends like 'Mido. 11am. Bring little finger'.


Prash said...

You didn't scare me in the club (in HK) ...i was surprised that's it! it is ok.

Joe said...

haha... thanks! You mean you've never been recognised from the internet before? It wasn't the first time I've recognised someone from a blog but it was the first time I've said anything!

j a s o n said...

food in hk - i might have to wait a while longer before i try the curried fish balls!

some food didnt agree with me last week...all that yakult, in vain

you must show me where to go for good snack food

Joe said...

Curried fish balls rule! I used to live on them :)