Thursday, August 23, 2007

Back to work

After more than a month of holiday, I'm starting to get very fidgety. I used the first couple of days of this week to sort through the whole house, making several bags of things to take to the local charity shop.

A friend called from Perth to wish me happy birthday on Monday and asked what I was doing. 'Well, I've been keeping a pile of magazines with recipes inside. I'm cutting out all the recipes and pasting them in a scrap book'. Oh dear. Just weeks ago I was climbing mountains.

I also made two bags of teaching stuff to take to work. I try not to do any lesson preparation at home these days because I'm terrible at it. Even at work, I'm much more productive if I place myself in a seat where other people can see what I'm doing.

I decided I had better go back in to work before I donated everything in the house. There are only a couple of weeks now until I go to HK and Sydney so I need to start preparing for the new term - I start teaching on the same morning I arrive back.


j a s o n said...

CitySuper! bag

When you are here, you should get a knock off "I'm not a plastic bag" bag to take back with you.

You will be the envy of every fashion conscious grocery shopper out there!

Joe said...

haha... they are selling them in Portobello Rd just outside my work. I'm sure they are more expensive here than in HK.

I'm quite happy being a little bit unique with my Citysuper bag. I've also got a shopping bag that my great grandma made!

j a s o n said...

Wow, thats pretty special.

I'd forgotten about such things as home made crafts!!

Joe said...

Sewing is such an underrated skill! Shekerim leaves London soon and I will be left without anyone I can ask to repair clothes!