Saturday, November 10, 2007


It's worth travelling an hour and a half to my second job, just to have a change of scenery. Someone was stabbed (they're ok now) outside the college for a mobile phone this week and I still can't picture it happening in the lovely countryside.

Not the most exciting photo but it's the view from the room I teach in. I'm starting to understand why so many English people rave about autumn.


Knuffy's Owner said...

The only time I've ever visited England was in Autumn and I loved all the firey coloured trees in Kensington Gardens.

Autumn was beautiful but too short in Germany - all too soon the leaves would all die and end up plastered to the ground with the sleet and rain.

j a s o n said...

I remember walking along the Thames at Putney Bridge, on the way to work, the air crisp, the light dull and moody - feet gliding over a blanket of dinner plate sized autumn leaves...eyes looking skyward, the long skinny fingers of the naked branches witchingly announcing winters approach!

But here - its all simply evergreen!