Tuesday, November 27, 2007


I'm moving to Hackney. Haggerston to be exact. Our current landlord has sold the property and we beat them to serve notice, just in time to move out before Christmas. The new flat is almost identical to the current one with a view over East London and significantly lower rent. Plus it has bike racks and an 'environmentally excellent' rating! It's better in every way.

Thus I'm planning to quit my second job at the college today. It will be less feasible to commute to outer Croydon when I'm not 5 minutes walk from Charing Cross Station. I feel sad about quitting a job that I enjoy (esp since it pays more than my main job!) but I've worked 6 full days a week (including 2 evenings) since September and I need to calm down a bit.

Hmm. Very boring but that's my life at the moment. Oh, except yay Australia!


Vincent from London said...

Welcome to Hackney! It's good to live close to Hoxton/Shoreditch which is full of bars and clubs.

Joe said...

Thanks Vincent! I'm starting to feel cooler already. I can't wait to do my shopping on Ridley Road and visit Columbia Rd every Sunday.

Iqbal Khaldun said...

Oh so it's official?? Wicked! Although um will miss the Covent Garden shack.

Cal said...

And popping round for tea with me after doing your shopping on R Road. Hurrah.



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