Friday, November 30, 2007


It's been several weeks since I last rode my bike. First I got a puncture. Then I fixed it and got another puncture straight away, I guess that whatever caused the first puncture is still stuck in the tyre.

I did buy another inner tube but then I got a cold and the weather turned pretty nasty. I've recovered now and should start riding again but have got into a lazy routine of taking the underground.

I have more patience for the underground than I used to. When I enter Tottenham Court Road Station in the morning I have to go down the stairs and through a lot of chicken wire lined passageways because the escalators only go up before 9am. It's like being on an abandoned Dr Who set and I quite enjoy it.

Having spent hours recently navigating these filthy little passageways, I wasn't surprised this week when I read a news article about the underground being full of toxic dust.

I can just imagine the the speeches from defensive Londoners:

'What people don't think about is that this dust is 150 years old. It's all very well to compare it to less-toxic dust in Delhi or Singapore but those places have much younger underground systems. If anywhere else in the world had 150 year old dust, I'm sure it would be just as toxic as ours. Besides, we should be proud that we have one of the oldest and biggest underground networks of toxic dust in the world.'

I really should start riding again.

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Knuffy's Owner said...

Whoever had the clever idea of only building one escalator should be shot! In Frankfurt it was very common to only have one ascending escalator, and sometimes no elevator. I had to carry my 24kg and 10kg suitcases down the stairs on my own.