Saturday, December 31, 2005

Happy New Year!

2005. What a strange year. I spent the first seven months in Hong Kong and then took a two month holiday in India, Sydney and Singapore. I've now been in London for three months.

There were some good bits. The work that I had been doing with asylum seekers became high profile and I enjoyed the unexpected fame that came along with it. Even more than that, I was so excited and relieved that a whole group of talented people was getting involved just as I left Hong Kong.

In the Indian Himalaya I found my own Narnia, and I'm dying to go there again. In Mumbai I finally made it to Bollywood, something I've talked about for years.

London hasn't been what I expected but I'm going to give it time. In the meantime, I will allow myself to start whinging again tomorrow.

Yay for 2006.

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Happy New Year!