Friday, December 09, 2005


When someone asked where I live a while ago they remarked, 'wow! you could go and watch all the film premieres in Leicester Square!'. It's not really my thing, but I stopped on the way to the supermarket yesterday to join the crowd at the premiere of King Kong.

Somehow, I managed to see all the stars arrive. I was within touching distance of Jack Black and Andy Serkis (Kong, Gollum) who stopped to sign autographs for people right in front of me. I would have been much more excited had they been Naomi Watts and Adrian Brody, who I only spotted from afar.

My personal highlight was listening to the conversations of a couple behind me. They seemed to be work colleagues with an as yet unspoken thing for each other:

Dorky Australian guy: Oh, I think that's Adrian Brody!

Giggly British girl: Oh really?

DAG: Yes, you know, he starred in that film, 'The Pianist'

GBG: Oh yes, I saw that, what did he play again?
(ooh! a classical music enthusiast?)

DAG: What do you mean?

GBG: What was his role in the film?

DAG: Um, the pianist...

Opening to less glowing reviews today was my Bollywood debut, Kalyug. I would like to make it clear at this point that the film is an expose on the porn industry and not a porn film. Having said that, I don't believe that it is a 'social issues' film as some of the promotional material is making out. It reminds me of the ridiculous spin that was put on the revolting 'Girlfriend'. Yes, of course a soft porn film about a psychotic murderess is helping the plight of Indian lesbians!

Actually, I was surprised that the review was not worse. On set, the film looked 'c' grade at best.

It will be interesting to see if the careers of my co-stars take off. Kunal (I can't believe we sat on the same sofa!) Khemu might have a chance but I'm not so sure about Deepal Shaw. It's a shame that her look in the film is so sleazy because she was gorgeous in real life.

I'm dying to see if my tiny scene made it through the editing room. If not, I'll have to head off to Mumbai again and loiter around the tourist ghetto hoping to get scouted...

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