Saturday, December 17, 2005


It was my work Christmas party last night. I can't believe I paid 25 pounds to eat very average Thai food, subsidise a lot of alcohol and breathe other people's roll-your-own cigarrete smoke!

Secret santa was painful. I could have killed the person who insisted that we reveal who had given what to who because I had recycled a dodgy gift I got in another secret santa.

This also meant that I found out who wrote the poem to go with my gift. I had to read it out in front of everyone and it was more than a little offensive.

I'm sure it sounded hilarious when someone wrote it. As I read, people sat in uncomfortable silence feeling sorry for me.

Incase I'm still working there in a year's time I'm already thinking up excuses for not attending...

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pip said...

I thought the whole point of secret Santa is that is allowed to be a secret. Too bad!

I managed to get rid of a truly aweful plaster baby Jesus that someone gave me earlier in the year. Woo hoo! MERRY CHISTMAS : )