Monday, June 19, 2006


It's a week and a half now since I got back but I've still got a couple of blog entries to milk out of the Norway trip...

The highlight of our holiday was a day trip through the fjords. It was incredibly beautiful, marred only slightly by the touristy feel.

When our train stopped at the waterfall below, mysterious music started playing and a couple of dancing women popped out from behind the little stone hut on the right hand side. A Japanese tour guide feigned surprise by waving to the women and making excited noises but her tour group of couples over 60 were too cool to do the same. I wanted to yell 'wah, wah, en-core lah' but no one would have appreciated it.

After getting off that train we hopped on a boat to cruise through a couple of fjords. It's the kind of incredible scene that's too big to capture on camera. Here's my best attempt.

We then got on a bus to go up a road which contains 13 hairpin bends and is supposedly the steepest in Norway. The man in front of me took video footage of the whole journey, turning his camera to a different side of the bus after each hairpin bend. I pity the friends/relatives who have to watch 45 minutes of shaky video footage containing a fair amount of bus interior. It's better in a photo.

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