Thursday, June 22, 2006

The parental paparazzi

I've had three weird Australia connections this week.

1. My increasing interest in football is pushing me towards an identity crisis. I've always sworn complete disinterest in team sports.

During the Australia-Brazil match I had the TV on while doing other things. Tonight I was glued to the screen while Australia played Croatia. I whooped for goals and shouted at the referee. Soon I'll be hanging a flag out of the window. I'm confused.

2. At work my favourite game is 'You say it like that?!?'. I was shocked to find that British people pronounce tabouleh as 'tabbalay' (stressing the first syllable). The Australian pronunciation stresses the second syllable so that the word rhymes with 'coolie'.

Even more bizarre is that the British stress the first syllable of pergola so that it sounds like 'burgler' with a 'p'. The Australian pronunciation stresses the second syllable so that it rhymes with 'molar'.

3. But my most exciting discovery came today when reading the Sydney Morning Herald online. Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban's wedding on Sunday is reportedly going to take place in St Patrick's Estate, just over the back fence from my parents' new house. An sms to mum got the following response:

Yes it's all go at our place! Helicopters buzzing over yesterday. We are going to sit on roof with binocs!!

Binocs. We actually use it in speech as well. Australian, British or just my family? I'm not sure...


Frau Schinkeldinkeleinmeister said...

If you sink dat ze football craze is bad ofer dair den you should try to imachine vat it is like here in Chermany! I haff caught ze fussballfieber!

I already bought ze Aussie flag and hung it on my vindo like sum crazed fussballfan. Unfortunately I can't find anysing else Aussie here uzzervize I vould carry a blow up kangaroo around vif me.

But ze Cherman television did not show the Aussie game! I have not seen it! Zay only care about Brazil. I am so sad!

joe said...

Who would have thought we'd ever become football fans... I guess it took 10 years for for the traumatic associations of high school PE to wear off.

Frau Schinkeldinkeleinmeister said...

You vould not belief dis but I voz a member of ze schul soccer team in year 10. Ze only reason I got in voz bekoz dair voz not enuff people who vanted to choin. Yes you are right, I blanked dis out of my mind for ten years - but bekoz of ze fussballfieber I can look back vis pride now. Hahahaha!