Thursday, June 29, 2006


Okay, these are the remains of my Norway photos...

It's a pain to go on holiday somewhere and find it swarming with tourists. Rather than feeling disappointed, it's best to appreciate the people-watching opportunities that such a situation affords. Taking paparazzi-style photos increases the fun:

Unfortunately, while capturing this huge camera I forgot to turn off the flash. You can see it reflecting in the window opposite. Very embarassing because an entire Japanese tour group turned around, wondering why I was taking a photo of them.

I'd love be a Japanese tour group leader. I think I'm attracted to the power. I had a friend in Hong Kong who swore she'd seen a whole tour group follow their leader into the ladies toilets at Star Ferry Kowloon side.

German tourists can always be recognised by their weatherproof clothing. I'm sure it's handed out free at airports as they leave the country. This man had decided to forego the usual bright colours for a subdued monotonal number.

This woman has decided to pair a traditional bright weatherproof top with very unweatherproof footwear. Are socks and sandals also part of the national dress?

I did much more than just people-watching in Norway, however. I also looked at signs. Norwegian road signs are particularly elaborate. This one informs drivers that they share the road with people playing football. It's nice to see parents spending quality time with their children, even if they are engaging in risky activities.

Likewise, this sign warns drivers to watch out for Gene Kelly.

Possibly rushing home for an umbrella.

And this one warns about humps, right?


Knuffy's Owner said...

I was wondering why that Gene Kelly sign looked perfectly normal to me until I stumbled across the exact same sign here in Frankfurt!! So it's not just a Norwegian thing.

Btw, don't diss the weatherproof jackets! You just can't survive in Germany without one. I have managed to get through 9 months here without an umbrella thanks to my nifty versatile jacket.

joe said...

Okok... but don't wear it when you get back to Sydney, unless you're happy to be mistaken for a German tourist.