Saturday, June 24, 2006

Man jumps from balcony copying Hritik's Krrish

Reviews have confirmed my predictions. Krrish is a plotless ode to Hrithik's grotesquely large biceps. Lack of a plot is not the only problem however, as the Hindustan Times reports:

A resident of Madhya Pradesh's Khandwa district was so overcome after watching the flying stunts performed by Hrithik Roshan in his latest Krrish that he too jumped from the balcony of a cinema theatre, fracturing his hands and legs in the process.

The incident occurred during the night show at Khandwa's Abhishek Theatre on Friday when Vishnu Jagannath, 21, inspired by a flying scene enacted by Hrithik, climbed up to the 30-foot-high theatre balcony and tried to do the same by jumping from there.

Jagannath, who runs a tea stall near the theatre, was immediately taken to the district hospital in an unconscious state around 10.30 pm. "His condition is now stable," DC Sagar, Khandwa superintendent of police, said.


Joe said...

Subsequent reports have stated that Vishnuis known as 'Hrithik' by his friends. He has Hrithik's hairstyle and can sing songs and recite dialogues from all of his films.

His only quoted comment on the incident is 'Main gir pada' - I fell down.

dimsumdolly said...

Did you know that Krrish was filmed in Singapore? One morning, there was a massive jam at the Central Business District. I was stuck in the bus for ages as the police had blocked three out of for lanes for filming to be done. I mean, come on, during morning peak hour traffic???? I was miffed.

joe said...

Yeah, you can see Sg in the background of the previous poster that I blogged about. I think there was some kind of sweet arrangement between the producer and Sg Tourism because the film is supposed to be like a tourism ad. Review's also say that the film has a lot of product placement.
Hmm.... if the film gets really successful you could get 'Da Vinci' style 'Krrish' tourists wandering around your city...