Sunday, April 01, 2007

School holidays

The spring term has ended for all my jobs. The last week was fun, I love having the students do end of term evaluations. The forms are quite useless really (but very flattering) because all my students are too nice to write anything critical.

In the old men's class the student I had asked to translate the questions into Arabic was also giving suggested answers e.g.

'Question one: What did you enjoy about this class?
...blah blah blah class blah blah yaani teacher'

I'm now on holiday for two weeks (not counting preparation I need to do for next term). I'm going up to Birmingham to stay with Nanny this week and on Friday I'm off with a bunch of friends to Wales.

I only tried to organise the Wales accommodation a couple of weeks ago and tried many places without success. My fortunes changed when I found an email address for a collective of Welsh farm wives who offer self catering accommodation.

Within an hour I had a reply saying that they had forwarded my request to all their members. Within three hours my inbox was flooded with emails from various Mrs Joneses, Owens and Jenkinses.

Most of them were apologising that they had nothing available. A couple of things turned up, however, including a farmhouse just behind this beach. I can't wait!


miriam said...

oh my goodness!! it's the famous five!! do you think you will stop in the village for ginger beer and macaroons before you get to the farm house??!!im so jealous!!!!!!!!!

dimsumdolly said...

oh wow - that looks gorgeous!

Have fun!

Joe said...

Oh, I'm sure we will have lashings! And then we shall make for that mysterious little island in the top left of the picture.