Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Snowdon is renowned for bad weather but we managed to catch it on a gorgeous day. We anticipated cold but I did it in a shirt, much less dressed than some of our fellow hikers.

It was easy to see where the top is because Snowdon is quite pointy. There are several paths up and we chose the Pyg Track which started out quite flat.

The peak was visible the whole way.

At the halfway point the track started to climb but Mogfa continued strong.

We fought on past a couple of lakes.

And all the way to the top!

While we were there I got talking to a super keen hiker who was halfway through a horseshoe route that goes over the top of this ridge. I'm keen to go back again and try it.

After sitting for a couple of hours and taking in the incredible views we started on a longer steadier route to the bottom.

I want to do it again!


Scott said...

Wow, those rocks and hills look pretty amazing. Did someone hide all the trees though?

Joe said...

Yeah, it is pretty bare. It reminded me of Lantau and Sunset Peaks (and the height is about the same too).

The UK has very little forest, I guess that's the result of a long history of human habitation (Cal? can you confirm?).

It's a surprise if you're used to the Blue Mountains but it does mean that there are a lot more views and photo opportunities!

Knuffy's Owner said...

The view is absolutely breath-taking! (probably in more ways than one I imagine!)

Iqbal Khaldun said...

Wow! If you do go again, may I join?

Joe said...

Of course! I'm thinking of going kind of spontaneously on a weekend when there is a good weather prediction.