Saturday, April 28, 2007

Yay for the new term...

After just two weeks of full time work, I'm exhausted. My classes are going great but the start of the new term has had me actually working hard for the first time in my year and a half in the UK.

When did I become so soft? In Hong Kong I used to work 60 hour, 6 day weeks. Before that, in Sydney, I managed to combine full-time uni, a (fairly demanding) part-time job and a lot of socialising.

Still, I love feeling busy. I've cleared all my work stuff out of home and started doing all my lesson preparation at my workplaces, making a clear demarcation between work time and non-work time.

It helps, of course, that I'm really enjoying work. It's a privilege to be connected to such a mix of people. What other job would allow me to get to know 17 - 85 year olds from such different backgrounds?

In the old men's class this week we talked about things we like to do. 'I like parachuting' the 85 year old stated and we all stared. 'A long time ago when I was army' he added and started to laugh. I love it.


Knuffy's Owner said...

I don't think you're 'soft'. I can't believe you survived working those LONG hours in HK! There's also heaps going on at my end too. I'll send you an email soon. Btw, I also updated my blog.

Joe said...

No, I really am soft! Working part-time so long got me used to such a laid back lifestyle.

Hmm... 'survived' is a fairly subjective judgement. I did start to go kind of crazy toward the end.

I read your new entry. Actually I check all my links daily despite the fact that some of you are so slack!

I tried to comment on your previous entry but it never came up. Is it still waiting for your approval in some neglected email account?

Looking forward to hearing about your new life in the inner west!

dimsumdolly said...

Can I sit-in in your class one day? Sounds like fun! You can use me as your show-and-tell for the day. Haha.

But anyway, it's good you're enjoying what you do!

Joe said...

haha... of course. The old men are very good at asking questions.

Only 3 weeks now until you arrive in London!