Thursday, May 03, 2007

My neighbourhood

Confidence is going up in the old men's class and the results are hilarious. This week we did a survey activity as part of our 'My neighbourhood' unit...

Where you live?

- Portobello.

Is it busy?

- Busy? (someone intejects with an Arabic translation of the word) Aah! Oh-kay! Busy! Yes! Before congestion charge busy. After congestion charge, no busy.

Is there a supermarket?

- Supermarket. Yes.

Where supermarket? Portobello no supermarket!

- Yes, Tesco supermarket!

Is there.... a... park?

- Park? oh yes, park! No park. Portobello no park... aah! one small park.

Small park? Maybe no park! Park big. How many people your park? Three, four people no park.

- No. Fourteen people. This park.

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