Sunday, May 13, 2007


Eurovision last night was a travesty. Some of my favourites, Denmark, Belgium and Portugal, didn't even make it into the final.

But that was okay because the Ukranian entry, which was clearly the best, was the favourite to win. 'Lasha tumbai' apparently means 'churn the butter' in Mongolian but many in Russia were claiming that the lyric was chosen for its similarity to 'Russia goodbye'.

Singer Verka Seduchka had overcome protests in Ukraine by a radio station and politicians who didn't want to be represented by a drag queen. Triumph, scandal, hilarious dance moves, ridiculous lyrics and a catchy tune - it was a recipe for Eurovision victory.

But alas, I writhed and screamed in front of the television as Serbia surged ahead, leaving Ukraine in second place. My only consolation was that the shameful UK entry finished equal second last. Here is Verka churning the butter/saying goodbye to Russia:


Knuffy's Owner said...

Being far away from Euroland this year I missed the whole spectacle, but had it recorded on a German TV website where I download all my German TV shows from : ) I'm not sure if I could put myself through 3 hours of Eurovision though. I guess your summary plus the Youtube clip was good enough!

Btw, at the beginning he keeps singing "seven, seven, one, two, three" in German!!!

Joe said...

I thought you may be a fan! According to my source in Sydney, the final is going to be showing next weekend on SBS (I miss that channel!).

3 hours is long, I know, but if you have a favourite (or favourites) then it's gripping. I guess this is what other people feel like when they watch sport.

Haha... you misunderestimate my German! I did learn something from Ms Vukic!

Knuffy's Owner said...

I'm not actually a fan, but I have watched it in the past. I caught a lot of in Germany last year, esp. since the German entry's singer was in fact Australian!

One of my work colleagues is Serbian and absolutely over the moon about Serbia's win. Naturally she wasn't really impressed with the Ukrainian entry!