Thursday, November 30, 2006


Work at the school is going well. The dodgier it gets the more I seem to enjoy it. Muggings outside the gates, knives, fights... bring it on! My students are all fantastic so it's not really affecting me.

My feelings on living in London are similar. Sure, armageddon may have started early here, but I like feeling that I'm in a place where things are happening. The dysfunction (of everything) can be infuriating. But once I stopped expecting things to work or go right, the challenge started to make life interesting.

Anyway, back to the school - the principal sent out a memo to all teachers last week saying that despite requests from students, no religious groups or meetings will be allowed on campus. I was surprised by the harsh tone of the memo until I read the last sentence: 'We have all had a close experience of the tragedy that can result from fundamentalism'.

I went straight to google and searched for "(the name of the school)"+terrorist. An ex-student was imprisoned in Guantanamo Bay! Suddenly, muggings are not such a big deal.


cal said...

Glad to see we're converting you to the joys of the UK. Once you start actually being proud of the fact things don't work properly then we'll have made a true Brit out of you!

As for terrorists - well two of people suspected of being involved in July 7 (or maybe the Heathrow threat, I actually forget which) lived within a mile or so of me!

Joe said...

hehe... yeah I'm quite proud that I had students who attended Finsbury Park Mosque andh knew Abu Hamza, aka 'Hook'.

I asked what he was like and they said 'He is preaching okay but not good for the young men. They are too easy to get excited'.