Monday, November 06, 2006

Scotch fingers

I've started work at the school and finished at the farm. It's weird not being the only teacher and I'm enjoying the staffroom. My department has its own little room so it's not the intimidating experience I expected.

I seem to be the only male teacher working in learning support and I get the sense that I've disrupted some kind of equilibrium. For a start, I'm the only one who eats more than salad and fruit for lunch. My colleagues seem to be competing for some kind of self denial award.

Meanwhile, I'm enjoying a kitchen without stinky litter trays. So far I've taken curry, meatballs and caldo verde for lunch and witnessed the suppressed envy of the salad eaters. It's weird that until last week I was the health freak, the only one at the farm who never ate chips for lunch.

Weird things happen when women get together. At a meeting today someone went to put a scotch finger in her mouth and everyone watched. Just as she took the first bite, someone said, 'I hate it how the school refreshments always means scotch fingers, they're just so fattening!'.


jase said...

That's fantastic! You will see all the claws out! Meanwhile I had a burger with the lot and chips, with a can of evil for lunch today.

Its good that you get a great feel of real England, unlike all those people in City Banks and Law firms you tend to hang around!

Joe said...

Haha... these are teachers remember, not your vicious corporate types. I think the claws will remain hidden.

Not so for the students - there was a fight in the playground between two girls on Tuesday. In the staffroom someone was saying how more girls than boys carry knives these days!