Sunday, November 26, 2006

A little busy

It's incredible how little extra busyness it takes to distract me from blogging.

I've been covering shifts for a sick colleague at my adult teaching job and I've also had the dreaded 'observation week' with both my bosses watching me teach.

I explained to all my students in advance that I was having a test. They did a fantastic job of looking engaged. 'Sally' even stood up at the end of the lesson and gave a little speech to my boss about how much they are enjoying themselves :)

My classes are also getting bigger, meaning a lot more preparation. My beginner men's class now has thirteen students aged 19-82. They have lived in the UK for anything between 3 months and 36 years. The pace and abilities of the learners are so varied that I basically have to plan several simultaneous lessons to keep everyone involved and suitably challenged.

My hourly rate of pay for this job is really good but when I factor in all the preparation, admin and tidying up, it's about equal to minimum wage. Less, if I consider all the travel time and expense involved in working 2 hour shifts!

I've been looking for a third job but I'm not sure how I would fit one in. It would be much more manageable if I was offered some additional hours from my current workplaces.

It's lucky I love my work!


dimsumdolly said...

Good for you! Not many people can say that love their work!

Joe said...

I'd love to see how many of our cohort at uni are still teaching - I'd guess not that many!

dimsumdolly said...

Yeah, I really wonder what's become of everyone!

jase said...

I don't love my work...glad to hear you love your one!

Must make the day go much quicker !!!

Joe said...

After working at IKEA in second year uni I vowed never to get another job where I watched the clock - it felt like my life was ticking away. And I felt guilty for fuelling people's consumer addictions with such crap!