Thursday, November 02, 2006


The best part about having a stats counter is getting to find out the google search terms that refer people to my blog.

Many of these search terms confirm (as the song from Avenue Q goes) that 'the internet is for porn'. Despite the wholesome language on my blog, I get frequent hits from people searching for hairy businessmen, wet sari and many things inbetween.

The most frequent search in my stats counter, however, is for a song that I once wrote about. I complained about the daggy lyrics to who put the cold in the snowflake, a song we sang at my church in HK. I never dreamed that a couple of years later I would still be averaging one hit per day from people looking for the lyrics!

Occasionally I have become an authority on a 'hot topic'. When I wrote about Vanessa Feltz a couple of weeks ago I had over fifty searches for variations on 'Vanessa Feltz kissing new boyfriend' over the following few days.

Only rarely, however, do I get a search for a topic on which I am a true expert. A couple of days ago someone searched Hong Kong ladies interested in asylum seekers. I am sure that the search was done by a client using one of the free computers at my old work in Hong Kong.

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