Sunday, November 12, 2006

Remembrance Day

Quite accidentally, a war theme ran thoughout my Remembrance Day.

After work in the morning (11 students aged 19 to 76!). I headed over to Blackfriars to meet PGL and K. It was the Lord Mayor's Parade and we had turned up to see Jason playing in the army band.

As one of only two non-white bagpipe players, he wasn't hard to spot. We tried our best to embarrass him by running alongside, stopping every couple of minutes to take more photos.

The weirdest thing about the parade was this tower of what seemed to be polystyrene buns. They must have climbed the tower before I saw it because it was looking kind of tired. Nothing like seeing the real thing on Cheung Chau last year!

The bun tower put me in the mood for dim sum so the three of us headed over to Baker Street for several hours of eating.

And in the evening, I went with friends to see that classic WWII tale, Andrew Lloyd Webber's new stage version of 'The Sound of Music'. Connie Fisher, who plays Maria, was chosen in a contest on the BBC called How do you solve a problem like Maria?. She was my favourite contestant and she was fantastic on stage. .

I was delighted that the start of 'The Lonely Goatherd' seemed to have been tweaked to sound like Gwen Stefani's 'Wind it up'. I love this clip. The part where Gwen makes curtain outfits for the Harijuku girls is genius.


Joe said...

Here is a report on the bun tower:

Thanks to the underoccupied solicitor pining for HK who located the article.

jase said...

The Grass is always greener!

Joe said...

Haha... a mouth full of polystyrene bun would do that to anyone...