Saturday, January 13, 2007


Okay, I promise these are the last of my holiday pictures. Granada was another beautiful city and I loved the snow-capped Sierra Nevada backdrop.

The main sight in Granada is the Alhambra, a Muslim fort and palace complex which was begun in the 13th century. The palace is well preserved and the architecture and decorative patterns throughout the building are incredible.

Water played a major part in the design of the Alhambra and many original water features have been restored. There is even a staircase where water runs down channels in the handrails on both sides. It's incredible to think that this was all done without modern pumps.

The fort at Alhambra afforded a fantastic view of Granada. Very much recommended!


KT said...

Hey Joe, I have some great pics of the Lahore fort. Will post them soon, promise :) There is a strange similar grandness about the architecture.

I didn't know I met someone who knew your gran in Lahore?!?!? Who was it?! And I don't remember ever meeting your gran so now I feel bad that she remembers me! Or perhaps it's Clare she remembers. She's also a nice girl with glasses who worked in the office...or Liz... :)

Joe said...

haha... it was a vicar called Garth who occasionally preaches at her church. He was related to one of the people getting married.

Now I'm really confused because I assumed you guys must have chatted!