Monday, January 29, 2007

Jeet gayi!

Hooray to Shilpa for enduring racism and bullying (and whatever else you want to call it) and winning UK Celebrity Big Brother. I never anticipated becoming such a trash tv addict.

I've been a Shilpa fan ever since I saw Jaanwar in Lucknow in 2000. It was the first time I watched a Hindi film in a cinema and I loved it. She looked ridiculously glamorous as the emotional mother of a child who goes missing and is taken in and raised by a reformed gangster.

My favourite Shilpa performance, however, was her portrayal of Tom Hanks' role (yes, that's right) in Phir Milenge, a Bollywood adaptation of Philadelphia.

As the above posters demonstrate, her presence in Bollywood has always been slightly peripheral. I'm hoping that her Big Brother success takes her to new heights.

As for me, now that it's all over I have my evenings back! I'm hoping to use them wisely and wean myself off television for a while.

Oh, and I am determined never to enjoy an S Club 7 song again.

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