Sunday, January 07, 2007


I arrived back in London last night after a great holiday. The skies were blue, the sun was warm and the food was delicious. I'll put my Lisbon photos up now and save Seville and Granada for later.

Much to everyone's annoyance, I made constant comparisons between Lisbon and Macau. As much as I love Macau, I had to admit, however, that Lisbon is a bigger, better version.

The best thing about Portugal was getting to do some outdoors stuff. In London I really miss seeing the sun rise or set over the sea.

And it had been almost a year and a half since I had seen waves. This was the western most point in Europe.

I even got to climb a real hill to a Moorish castle with incredible views.

But best of all, I got the chance to be really silly. Lisbon was too warm for my new hat but I'm determined to wear it in London. It has dinosaur spikes at the back which don't show in this photo.


Knuffy's Owner said...

Oh wow, I LOVE that hat!! You look soooooooooo cute! I've always loved hats but this one really beats them all.

Btw, that reminds me, I bought Knuffy a bee suit (for dogs) for Christmas. He looks absolutely adorable but it's a bit small because of his hump!

(P.S. Didn't I tell you about those delicious custard tarts!)

PinkJeanie said...

Glad to hear you had a good holiday. I love the photo of you and Mustafa in the explorer / settler pose!

Joe said...

Thanks Jen! There is a website for the hat:

Desserts were the best thing about Lisbon. At one restaurant I had three scoops of icecream with a creme caramel underneath and whipped cream on top!

Jean, we were set up by the photographer :)

Iqbal Khaldun said...

Can't think I've eaten so much rich food over such a sustained period of time, mmm um! Oh and don't forget the subcave! This magical, mystical subterranean place where the Lisbonites gathered to feast on gelato and other foods.

Vincent Chao from Islington said...

Hi I am from Macau and living in London.
You seem to mention HK in nearly every post in your blog! That's why i enjoy reading your blog. (I also lived in Taiwan and Hong kong before moving to London). I often make comparison between London and HK.

Joe said...

I try not to compare too much but it's hard to stop myself! Apart from very long working hours I miss everything about Hong Kong!