Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Welcome back

I managed to smile when I arrived back at Stanstead Airport and saw this crush at immigration. It took over 45 minutes for me and about an hour for the companions with Australian passports.

I've always considered myself a patient person but living in the UK has taken me to levels I never thought possible. I now think nothing of queueing for half an hour in the post office. Or sitting for 15 minutes in a stationary train, waiting for a platform to become available.

I amazed a friend in Hong Kong by explaining that I have to go on the the internet before travelling, to check which underground lines are working. I have the choice of 2 lines to get to my Saturday morning job and one or the other is invariably down. Last Saturday, neither were working. This wasn't a problem, however, because I've learnt to anticipate the worst and had left enough time to catch the bus.

And that's the beauty of living here, whatever comes next is going to feel like Disneyland.

(p.s. Have just realised that, like London, Disneyland is an expensive place where you spend most of your time queueing. Still, you get the idea...)


Knuffy's Owner said...

Come back to the Northern Beaches and enjoy the services of Sydney Buses. It ain't gonna feel like Disneyland, let me tell ya!

Btw, I've never ever been able to line up in the "Citizens" queue wherever I've gone!

pip said...

Good timing with this post...I was helping a friend with her English homework this morning. She had to complete the missing word in the sentence. The first letter was given to help:

In England people q____ for the train.

Joe said...

KO, my days of bussing around Porpoise Spit are over. I hope, btw, that now you are back there you have started applying for citizenship!

Pip, I'm wondering if that is one of those ancient textbooks referring to life in days gone by. Queueing for the train?

jase said...

I take it you enjoyed our 1hour wait at yum cha on Sunday?

I am so used to the waiting that I didnt even flinch - you guys were all going crazy with anticipation.

Shame on you all!!

The year out in Putney Bridge, land of the 90-120 minute commute served me so well...

Joe said...

hey! You went out and found an alternative restaurant - since when does that count as not flinching?!?

I wouldn't have minded so much if I didn't feel responsible for making everyone wait by insisting on Royal China!

I did enjoy the food though :)