Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Seville was ultra-touristy but charming. We stayed in an old part of the city and spent a lot of time getting lost in the maze of little alleys around our hotel. To my surprise, it felt like a sanitised version of Old Delhi.

Seville has an huge cathedral which was originally a mosque. This tower is the only part of the mosque which remains (albeit with alterations). Note the orange trees in front, the whole city was full of orange trees in full fruit.

From the top of the tower there was a view of the entire city. This is the bull fighting ring. We did a tour of the ring and I was kind of disturbed. I didn't realise how much torture the spectacle involves before the bull is killed.

Seville was that cool kind of place where you can just walk and happen upon interesting stuff. This plaza was just a little mark on our map but it was beautiful. The tai chi group was an added bonus.

Spain had abundance of nativity scenes, like this one in a shoe store. Epiphany seems to be a big celebration there so the Christmas season was still in full swing.


jase said...

Sounds like a great trip! I missed out!

Great Pics

cal said...

I'm loving the fact the Nativity Scene is in an old computer monitor.

Was El Cagagner (google it if you don't know what I'm on about) in the scene as well??!!

Joe said...

We missed you Jason!

(fresh from google) I didn't notice El Caganer but I guess I wasn't looking. That's quite hilarious!

This nativity was relatively very modest. Most were several metres wide and deep and had hills, lights, running water and moving people!

Knuffy's Owner said...

Did you try any of those oranges? I made Seb pick one for me, but it was absolutely disgusting! The most sour orange I'd ever tasted.

I also found the poor squashed and splattered roadkill oranges on the street highly amusing...

Joe said...

I didn't eat one but house negro did and found it exactly as you described. In my audio guide to the Alhambra they were described as 'sour oranges'.