Monday, March 05, 2007

A guide to recognising my links

I've had a couple of questions lately about how I know the people I've linked to. They are a pretty diverse bunch but yes I do know all of them well.

Actually I'm quite proud of my links. They are cool people doing a range of things in various countries. So here's an explanation of my friends with blogs, starting with the people I've known longest:

Knuffy's Owner and I were at school together for twelve years. We didn't become good friends until year 9 when we discovered a shared love for Absolutely Fabulous that helped us through many double periods of maths. We even went to the year 10 formal together. She's spent the last few years in Germany and Shanghai but has recently moved back to Sydney and I'm hoping she has not given up on her blog!

I've known one half of the Sherwinators since I was in primary school and our families went to the same church. Paul married Lyndal in 2003 and my sister marries Paul's brother in September so we'll soon all be related. Instantly acquiring new relatives is a weird thing but in this case it's also a very good one. The Sherwinators are also in London but they are smart enough to live a little out of the city.

Some Say Pip is also an old church friend. I still remember our first encounter, squashed into the back seat of a car on the way to sunday school. I must have looked a bit intimidated because she asked if I was scared of girls' germs. Pip moved to Hong Kong to do volunteer work in 97 and KT and I followed her there in 98. We worked together with Cal and all lived in a village on Lantau Island. I love it that these three are now in different countries (Cambodia, HK, London) but still doing very cool work.

Dim Sum Dolly and I studied teaching together at UTS in Sydney. After that she returned to Singapore and while I was in Hong Kong we visited each other several times. She's very special because she's really the only friend that I've stayed in touch with from either of my universities. Best of all, she is soon moving to London. Hurrah!

White Silver and I worked together in Chungking Mansions during my second stint in Hong Kong from 2003-2005. He's possibly the funniest person that I know in both senses of the word. And I will be incredibly disappointed if he doesn't keep up his blog because his photo commentaries are priceless.

Iqbal, Jeanie and Jason are all friends that I've got to know in London. If I refer to them frequently in my posts it's because they are 90% of my London social life. If you want an alternate perspective on something that I've done (or better photos) just click on their blogs.

Well that's all but I'm keen to add more. If anyone I know has a blog that I don't know about, please tell me! And if you don't, consider starting one. I guarantee I will be a dedicated reader!


dimsumdolly said...

And then somehow you have linked your friends up - Knuffy's Owner and I will be meeting up in Sydney very soon! And I might actually get to meet Knuffy this time. Let's see if she brings him along. :)

Knuffy's Owner said...

Dim Sum Dolly and I will be meeting again! After our nice rendezvous in Singapore.

And I'm sure Knuffy would love to come along. But I will ask him.

And hallelujah!! I have updated my blog!! Check out my new entry on Trakai.
(I hope you don't mind me giving it a plug).

Joe said...

I wish I was there to meet with you guys too! I hope the three (four?) of you have a great time!