Monday, March 26, 2007


Considering how much I complain about the UK I feel obliged to mention that my new driving license (complete with evil stare) just arrived, exactly a week after I mailed off the application.

I went to meet the postman at the door (feeling friendly today) and he was holding a parcel for our neighbour (though he delivers their mail first). 'Do they have a guard dog?' he asked, 'I'm scared of dogs'.

This explains why we often get next door's mail. I think it's some kind of toy dog but I didn't say so. All he has to do is push it through the slot! Maybe he's worried about his fingers?


j a s o n said...

Buy lotto now!

Joe said...

Oh, and it's valid for 10 years for the same price as my 5 year Australian license!

Frau Schinkeldinkeleinmeister said...

In Chermany ze licences are falid forever! You nefer haff to renew it. And if you vant an Australian licence you chust let zem punch a hole in ze Cherman licence and woila! You can get ze Australian licence.