Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Sustained effort

My job at the school has been going really well. To my relief, my students' attendance has improved greatly since I first started. Figures come out a couple of times a term comparing the attendance rates for each tutor's students and at first I was at the bottom of the chart!

Five of my students have been working on writing job application letters and CVs. Something must be going right because two of them have found part-time jobs since the start of the term, one in Pizza Hut and the other in Iceland (a supermarket with a lot of frozen stuff).

One student hasn't been able to make our sessions for the last month because of a timetable clash. He returned today and had written his own application letter, despite missing the lessons on how to write one. He had obviously sought inspiration from a range of sources.

My favourite line was 'I am enthusiastic and I can show potential for significant improvement with sustained effort'.

'Did you copy this from a school report?' I asked him.

'Yes' he laughed, 'is that not okay?'.

'Not quite'
I said, 'but it's a good try'.

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