Monday, March 19, 2007

My weekend

Weekends for me usually mean leaving the house twice at most. This last one, however, was uncharacteristically full. Three evenings out, work, dim sum, Kylie costume exhibition and holiday planning with Mogfa (Wales at Easter) kept me very busy.

Jeanie, the queen of organisation, was responsible for most of the activity. Friday night was her birthday party and Saturday night was a goodbye for her departing flatmate.

Bars aren't usually my thing (not until the smoking ban comes into force anyway) but as the photos on Jeanie's blog demonstrate, I managed to do a fairly good job of enjoying myself.

I continued on my embarrasing photo spree by going to have passport size ones taken today. I'll need to drive for Wales and since I've been in the UK more than a year, I'm supposed to exchange my Australian license for a British one.

I went to a little photo shop in Charing Cross Station and as the guy lifted the camera I realised how hard it is to look 'normal'. I was aiming for bored but the result looks much more like anger.

Armed with photos, passport and license I headed to the post office. Surrendering my old license was sad and I'm sure the new one won't be so pretty. The new one takes a lot longer too.

I had to send my Australian license to an address in Wales together with a form. Luckily the post office offered a 'Premium Checking Service' or I would have had to send my passport as well.

And what did this magnificent four pound service involve? A lady in the post office checked that the name in my passport was the same as in the form and then ticked this box (in duplicate for me and Wales).


Jean said...

Your passport photo does look a little scary!
Yes, you were great with the camera - both taking the photos and posing for them!
Btw, we should go to the other Ebury sometime too ;)

j a s o n said...

A nervous foray into the land of UK Government paper chasing...Best of British Luck to you Mr Joe!

Because you will need it!

Yours Aye,
Grumpy Old Man No.2

Joe said...

Jean, next time a camera comes out my first thought will be 'do I really want to look like this on the net?'. I'm definitely keen for the other Ebury.

Jason I better be lucky cos if things go wrong I will be left without any kind of driving license! Thanks to your experiences I now do anything to avoid posting a passport (yes, even things more onerous than paying 4 pound premium charges).