Friday, February 09, 2007

Baraf II

Respect to the forecasters for getting it right on yesterday morning's snow. It was predicted to start at 2am and I was excited. 'I usually get up at that time to pee' said Mogfa, 'so if it's snowing I'll wake you up.'.

She didn't get up but I woke at 4am and flakes had started falling. I woke Mosca and jumped out on the balcony. To my delight, snow had started settling on the cars below.

Fearing that the snow may vanish before I went out in the afternoon for work, I decided to go for a walk, my own 'London in Snow' tour.

Wanting to really 'experience' the snow, I went out with a raincoat instead of an umbrella. This made it hard to take photos and I ended up soaking wet. Stupid idea.

I jay walked into Parliament Square - since there's no legal way of getting in, why are there benches in there? I was highly skeptial of the snowman in front of Big Ben. I'm sure that it was made by a newspaper photographer wanting a classic shot.

It had been ages since I last walked into Westminster. The permanent protest was looking very subdued and I wasn't sure if that was a result of the snow or not.

Horse Guards Parade was empty except for this man in black. I love the way that a path had been worn through the snow.

In St James' Park there were only a few hardcore snow lovers like this guy who struggled for ages to get his dog to stay still.

The geese didn't seem to mind though.

I followed a squirrel, trying to get a photo and found the family home. By this time, the camera battery was running low and I had to turn the camera off and on and snap quickly. This meant I didn't have time to turn the flash off - thus the zombie look resulting from my attempt to get rid of the red eyes.

I just managaed a photo of Buckingham Palace before the battery died completely. Then I rushed home to get out of my wet clothes. Hooray for snow!


Iqbal Khaldun said...

Lovely pics. Shame the snow melted away so quick, but maybe a good thing from a practical standpoint.

miriam said...

Beautiful photos joe - thansk for putting them up- im jealous!!

Joe said...

No, I want more snow! I guess it's all over now...

j a s o n said...

So Lucky with the Squirrels, lovely photo.

Winter came and went in 2 days...I'm not complaining!